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Why Will and Estate planning:

  • Making a Will is the only way to ensure that Estate is distributed to the people you would like to benefits from it.
  • Making a Will ensures your Estate passes through Probate quickly
  • If you fail to make a Will, the Laws determines who will benefit from your Estate and in What Shares and Your Estate can only pass to your spouse, Children certain blood relatives, if there are none, HMRC Treasury takes the benefits.
  • Growing number of Intestate cases each year and these has left love one’s mis-sable and No sense of direction
  • If you are married Couples, without a Will, if you have children, your spouse may not inherit all of your Estate. If you no children, then some of your assets may go to members of your family other than your spouse, which could include parents, brothers, sisters, bloodline nieces and nephews.
  • If you are Unmarried Couples, unless you have made your Will, your partner will not get anything! Your entire Estate would pass on to your children, or if you had non, be shared between parents or brother/sisters as there is no provision for unmarried partners in Intestacy Laws.
  • If you are Separated, if you without a Will, your-spouse may be entitled to the claim part or all of your estate.
  • If you have young children, only through a Will cay you appoint Guardians for your minor children in event of death. Otherwise it could be possible that your children would be placed in care and the courts would decide on their welfare.
  • If make Will you will be able choose people or organisation that you trusted to represent your interest and deal with your estate as to your wishes.
  • Preserving your rights when are able and capable gives you peace of mind, should you lost capacity, you will be look after, Estate planning will as well mitigate your Inheritance tax liability.
  • Estate Planning preserves your hard work efforts and investments channelling to course of your choice charity and thereby benefits people of your wish.
  • Our estate Planning will channel and recommends appropriate Trust to handle your affairs.
  • Our Estate Planning will advocate for your workable and practicable Trust to suit size of your estate.
  • Everybody wants to protect their assets for the benefit of their loved ones. People are motivated to provide for their children throughout their lives and want what is best for them. Many people will draft a Will hoping to ensure that the assets that they have worked hard to acquire during their lifetime, are passed on to their children and chosen beneficiaries after their death.

Why trusts settling up Trusts:

  • to control and protect family assets
  • when someone’s too young to handle their affairs
  • when someone cannot handle their affairs because they’re incapacitated
  • to pass on assets while you’re still alive