Mortgage is the biggest financial commitment that the majority of us will ever take on in our lifetime. You need to be sure that you can meet up with your mortgage payments as your home may be at risk if you fail to make your mortgage payment. Before you make this important decision, you need to ensure that you are getting the best advice available based on your personal circumstances.”

Your own bank or building society will only be able to provide advice and sell their own products to you, when there may be a much better deal available to you elsewhere in the whole of market place. At Oskat our team of independent mortgage and financial advisers are not tied to any one bank or mortgage lender. We are able search the market place to find you the best available deal based on your individual circumstances through our network. We will put you in touch with a fully regulated independent adviser who covers your local area for a free consultation and no obligation to discuss your requirements in order to assist you to find the best mortgage and general insurance deal available to meet your needs.

Our professional advice services are:

  • Re-mortgage for better rate or to raise money
  • Raise funds for
  •    . Home improvements
  •    . Debt consolidation
  • Moving home
  • First time buyer
  • Buy to Let & Let to Buy
  • Property Investments
  • Right to Buy
  • Secured / Secord Charge Loans
  • Bridging Advance / Finance